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The province of Mizoram is prominently known as the songbird of India and is one of the smallest states in the nation. The name Mizoram connotes the place where there is the Lushai highlanders. It is situated in the southern corner of Northeast India settled for the most part amongst Myanmar and Bangladesh, yet in addition imparts a piece of its limits to its neighboring conditions of Assam, Manipur and Tripura. The bumpy area of Mizoram was already a piece of Assam however was later made a different state. It is an assorted land with mountains and valleys too tribal towns and urban focuses with present day culture and way of life not at all like somewhere else in India.

This landlocked little state is a place that is known for picturesque magnificence with an assortment of scene from the edges of Aizawl, profound chasms of Hmuifang, valley of Champhai to the grandiose pinnacles of Blue Mountain National Park. The slopes are likewise honored with excellent water bodies, for example, the Vantawng Falls, Tam Dil and Rih Dil lakes that have pulled in numerous guests who look to appreciate the view of the good countries. In spite of the fact that the indigenous individuals may have been impacted by western preachers, regardless they have faith in the old tribal practices of inviting guests entire heartedly and a feeling of old society life wins the climate.

Mizoram State Basic Information

Capital Aizawl
Area 21,081 sq. km
Population 1,097,206
No. of District 8
Literacy Rate 93.91%
Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla
Governer Nirbhay Sharma
Sex Ratio 976
Language Mizo language
Date of Formation 19 February 1987
State Animal Sumatran serow
State Bird Mrs. Hume's pheasant
State Flower Renanthera imschootiana
State Tree Mesua ferrea
Official Website www.mizoram.gov.in


The historical backdrop of Mizoram goes back to mid sixteenth century when the tribes known as Mizos were relocated from China and settled in the Shan State. They proceeded onward to Kabaw Valley to Khampat and afterward to the Chin Hills amidst this century. The most punctual Mizos who relocated to India were known as Kukis and the second clump of workers were called as New Kukis.

Amid the period 1750-1850 movements prompted settlements in the slopes. The tribal gatherings were represented under a genetic chieftainship. The Lushais are the most dominating tribe other than a couple of others like Panei, Lakher, Chakma, Riang. Amid the British time frame, Mizoram turned into a piece of the domain of the British India in 1891 however the organization of the towns was left to the nearby chieftains.

It was amid the British administration that a political arousing among the Mizos in Lushai Hills began coming to fruition the main political gathering, the Mizo Common People's Union was framed on ninth April 1946. The Party was later renamed as Mizo Union. As the day of Independence moved closer, the Constituent Assembly of India set up and Advisory Committee to manage matters identifying with the minorities and the tribals. A sub-Committee, under the chairmanship of Gopinath Bordoloi was shaped to prompt the Constituent Assembly on the tribal undertakings in the North East. The Mizo Union presented a determination of this Sub-advisory group requesting consideration of all Mizo occupied regions contiguous Lushai Hills. In any case, another gathering called the United Mizo Freedom (UMFO) came up to request that Lushai Hills join Burma after Independence.


Mizoram is arranged between 21-58o to 24o 29' north scope and 92o 29' to 93o 22' east longitude. The tropic of Cancer goes close to the capital, Aizawl town. Mizoram possesses the north east corner of India. Fit as a fiddle it is somewhat similar to a thin and upset triangle. The state of Mizoram covers an area of 21,087 sq kms. It has a total of 630 miles of international border with Myanmar and Bangladesh. Its geological fringes with Assam, Manipur and Tripura stretched out more than 123 km, 95 km and 66 km, individually. Mizoram is a place where there is slopes. The slopes keep running in edges from north to south. They have a normal tallness of 900 meters, the most astounding point being the Blue Mountain (2165 meters).

Mizoram is a city of wild loaded with lakes and streams and slopes and backwoods. The slopes and Mizoram Wildlifemountain runs in Mizoram state are Phawngpui Tlang likewise broadly known as the Blue Mountain, Hmuifang with a rise of 1619 meters and Reiek at a stature of 1548 meters. Waterways in Mizoram are Chimtuipui River, Tlawng, Tutis, Tuirial and Tuivawl and lakes are Palak Dil, Tam Dil and Rih Dil.


The Mizo individuals are exceptionally pleased individuals as far as their customary inheritance and they give their best to keep their social heritage alive. With the progression of time, things have enhanced towards a superior lifetstyle in any case, the legislature of Mizoram has guaranteed that the rural method of survival of the general population here are gone to by means of the Young Mizo affiliation. This is finished with the expectation of not losing the social underlying foundations of the state in the midst of the modernization. Thus, the state has been very effective in keeping its ethnicity alive.

Different tribes relocated from better places, landed in waves and made these slopes their country. Notwithstanding, couple of parts of tribal culture keep on remaining regular among every one of the gatherings of Mizo society. Every one of the tribes honed Jhum development the same number of moved looking for better fields. Hnatlang, or group benefit was a vital action for group welfare. All towns had Zwalbuk quarters, the essential issue of the town where Mizo young people were prepared to do social duties. Most importantly, most Mizo tribes had faith in the morals of Tlawmingaihna moral code which made them affable and supportive to others. The greater part of the Kuki-Mizo-Chin tribes were then changed over into Christianity by the ministers amid the provincial time frame. They profit by the western instruction and soon turned into a dynamic group.


Mizoram is an express that is related at the south east piece of the country. The Education in Mizoram is controlled by the committee of clergymen and in addition the directorate of instruction. The individual related with the committee goes under the clergyman of instruction. In the year 1987, Mizoram was announced to be a union domain. That was the time when the Education in Mizoram was administered by the evangelists of the state. Be that as it may, today the training arrangement of Mizoram has an alternate picture.

The Government's regard for training expanded altogether after autonomy. Prior the endeavors were for the most part to build essential training. A significant number of elementary schools were continuously moved up to center and secondary school level. The quantity of instructive foundations is keeping pace with the thirst of the Mizos for formal training. The state likewise have distinctive preparing cum creation focuses and cover courses, for example, silk turning and weaving, cotton turning and weaving, cleanser making, oil extraction, carpentry, stick and bamboo works and so on.


Farming is the pillar of the economy of the state. The jhum (moving) development of the state delivers various assortments of horticultural items extending from paddy to pineapples. The key product is paddy and others are maize, cucumber, beans, arum, ginger, mustard, sesame, cotton and so forth. In the wake of clearing the consumed jhum, seeds for crops other than paddy are sown. Towards the finish of April close to the full moon time, paddy is sown. For the most part two sorts of paddy seeds are sown in a similar field - early paddy and important paddy. Yield of early paddy is fairly poor however it ages early and gives sustenance till the primary paddy is collected.

Aside from the agribusiness, craftsmanship and art likewise has a noteworthy submit the economy. Basketry, printing press, sericulture, block making and saw plants are different fields of the express that aides in the economy of the state. The economy of Mizoram is one of the most noteworthy in India, with a for each capita salary of Rs. 50,021. Amid the eleventh Five year design (2007-2012), Mizoram had the second most astounding Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) development in the whole North-East India.

Amid the tenth Five year design, then again, Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Mizoram developed at 5.7 % though it was normal just 5.3% raise. The tertiary divisions of administrations of Mizoram additionally kept on contributing towards the GSDP with its offer being between 58% to 60% since the previous decade.


Mizoram comprises of 8 administrative districts, which are further divided into sub-divisions. The government and administration in Mizoram is controlled on the same paths as in other states of the country. The Mizoram Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha). The Vidhan Sabha consists of 40 members. Mizoram has 1 seats in the Lok Sabha - the lower house of Parliament and 1 seats in Rajya Sabha - the upper house of Parliament. The Mizoram Assembly is elected by universal adult suffrage for a period of five years. The Chief Minister is the head of government and is vested with most of the executive powers. The Chief Minister is assisted by a Council of Ministers that he nominates, the size of which is restricted.

Judiciary in Mizoram is headed by Chief Justice as in other states of the country and Mizoram High Court is the head of the judiciary system in Mizoram. High Court of Mizoram was established at Aizawl on 5th July 1990.


Situated dubiously along columns of north– south-running mountain edges, unblemished Mizoram is a greater amount of an experiential trip than a vacationer mizoraml. Ethnically, most of the nearby populace imparts likenesses to groups in neighboring Southeast Asian nations, for example, Myanmar, and the transcendent religion is Christianity. Mizo culture is freed from standing or sexual orientation refinements: in Aizawl young ladies smoke transparently, destroy current garments and hang in unchaperoned groups getting together with their playmates at music shows.

With a wide exhibit of celebrations, moves, painstaking work, greenery, common beautiful magnificence and lovely atmosphere, Mizoram has much to offer its guests. The Tam Lake presumed for its fish and prawns is a perfect outing spot and the office to ride in the water crafts improves it even. Around 85 km from Aizawl, the drive to the lake offers sees similarly as lovely as the lake itself. The Siaha waterway is the greatest stream in Mizoram and a fishers heaven. The Vantawng Fall, encompassed by an immense extend of thick bamboo woods, is Mizoram's most elevated waterfall at 750 ft high and is another vacation destination.