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One of the bigger states in India, Uttar Pradesh spreads out from the north Indian fields to the Himalayan scopes of Nepal and also toward the eastern territory of Bihar and parts of focal India.

Being a tremendous state zone savvy there is awesome decent variety in its neighborhood makes. Uttar Pradesh additionally has some of India's real businesses close by - cabin industry delivering workmanship things.

The world legacy locales of Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri and in addition the religiously vital destinations of Mathura and Vrindavan - related with Lord Krishna are arranged in U. P.

Uttar Pradesh State Basic Information

Capital Lucknow
Area 243,286 sq. km
Population 199,812,341
No. of District 75
Literacy Rate 67.68%
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Governer Shri Ram Naik
Sex Ratio 912
Language Hindi, Urdu
Date of Formation 25 January 1950
State Animal Barasingha
State Bird Sarus crane
State Flower Sacred Tree
State Tree Ashoka tree
Official Website www.up.gov.in


Uttar Pradesh is considered as the social support of India. Uttar Pradesh has a rich recorded legacy and it would not be right to express that the historical backdrop of Uttar Pradesh assumes a key part in characterizing the way of life of the present day Uttar Pradesh. The historical backdrop of Uttar Pradesh is extremely old and entrancing and greatly affected the Indian culture and development.

Uttar Pradesh history can be followed back to the period when the Aryans made their coming and began to build up settlements in what they called the "Madhyadesh" or the Central Country. Uttar Pradesh has been governed by various kingdoms at various focuses in time. The manage of the Kosalas is of specific criticalness. Lord Dasaratha and his successor Ram were the renowned leaders of the kingdom.

It was at some point around the center of the first thousand years BC that Uttar Pradesh saw the appearance of Lord Buddha and the spread of Buddhism. Around the time Lord Buddha conveyed his first sermon in Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh was under the Magadha run the show. The power was along these lines moved to the Nanda tradition and afterward to the Mauryas. However the city achieved its zenith of grandness amid the rule of Harshavardhana.


As far as land highlights Uttar Pradesh can be separated into three unmistakable locales. These are right off the bat, the Himalayan foothills in the North; furthermore there is the Gangetic Plains in the focal district and thirdly the Vindhya Hills and the level regions of the South. The remarkable highlights of these three are the Himalayan foothills likewise called the Shivalik foothills which have now and again been alluded to as the 'Kandi Area'. The Gangetic Plain contains a level geology that has a few physical highlights like lakes, streams, lakes and a slow angle of two meters for each square kilometer. It is a result of the nearness of the stream ystem of the two forceful waterways Ganga and Yamuna, that the dirt here is profoundly fruitful, alluvial soil. The Vindhya slopes are framed of hard shake and there is a fluctuating geology of fields, slopes and valleys. It is a zone having abundant water assets.

Uttar Pradesh is really a place that is known for extremes. From one viewpoint are grandiose pinnacles like Nanda Devi, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Dunagiri, Mount Kamet, Trishul and Bandarpunch and on the other are the immense fields that extend for kilometers with just the trees and human settlements transcending the ground level. The event of ceaseless snow on the high pinnacles is the expansive store of the perpetually streaming waterways.


The way of life of Uttar Pradesh is a support of Indian customary traditions and practices . It has had a plenty of lavishly scenes, streams as well as the rich legacy of social components were likewise supported. Apparatus Vedas had its source in this dirt of Uttar Pradesh. To the entire country Indian sagas Mahabharata and Ramayan too are the most stunning blessings presented by the state. Triumphs of Islamic rulers, Greek administrations from one perspective and furthermore the impact of Buddha and Mahavira have empowered the state to build up an introduction towards religion, mysticism and theory. The way of life of Uttar pradesh , in this way , has properly assimilated this pattern and showed it in its different highlights. In Uttar Pradesh celebrations have been commended in high spirits. Music, celebrations, smooth food and tasteful way of life exemplify the way of life of Uttar Pradesh as standard, yet, nonchalant.

The general population of UP have a place with numerous religions and originate from far off parts of the nation yet have delighted in full opportunity to reproduce their own particular local societies. Afghans, Kashmiris, Bengalis, Parsis and Punjabi outsiders have settled here over the tremendous terrains of Uttar Pradesh. The dominant part Hindus live in idealize amicability with Muslims, Christians, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, every one of whom have flourished through progressive ages. Notwithstanding UP falling back on improvement is as yet separated along standing lines, the state has pockets of industrialized groups driving the monetary development. Despite the fact that its mainstream, liberal and dynamic roots are quite valued, there are vested political interests which keep the general population fixing to their past social taboos and religious bias offering ascend to unnecessary rubbing in the public arena.


The territory of Uttar Pradesh in India has a rich history of instruction and learning. It was from the earliest starting point of the Vedic period in India that Uttar Pradesh was the picked goal for training. Dialects like Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic were first instructed in this piece of the nation amid the Gupta run the show. Subsequently, well before the British settled in India, Uttar Pradesh had built up a name for itself as the instruction center of the nation. It was after the settlement of the British that the nature of training in Uttar Pradesh saw a decay as the state specialists couldn't coordinate toward the western guidelines of instruction as of now followed in a few different parts of the nation. The British can be credited for raising various schools and colleges in Uttar Pradesh to advance instruction following the western example. The idea of an intricate school and school training presented by the British was conveyed forward by the state government specialists post freedom. Kids and ladies instruction was advanced by the pilgrim rulers in India and from that point onward, the training arrangement of Uttar Pradesh has seen a tough diagram. As indicated by the enumeration reports distributed in the year 2011, the education rate in the state is 69.72%. This is an observable change when contrasted with the education rate of 56.27% recorded in the year 2001.


Uttar Pradesh is the most crowded state in India with a populace of ~200 million individuals. Uttar Pradesh imparts its fringes to Nepal on the north, the Indian conditions of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh towards the northwest, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan on the west, Madhya Pradesh on the south, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand toward the southeast and Bihar in the east.

Uttar Pradesh is a favored vacationer goal in India because of the area of Taj Mahal, one of the Eight Wonders of the World, in Agra. In 2015, 3.10 million outside visitors went by the province of Uttar Pradesh. Under Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive (PRASAD) plot, for the improvement of Varanasi, the sum endorsed and discharged by the Ministry of Tourism for the state, amid 2015-16, were recorded to be US$ 3.06 million and US$ 623.28 thousand, separately.

Uttar Pradesh is the biggest maker of sustenance grains in India and represented around 18.39 for every penny share in the nation's aggregate nourishment grain yield in 2015-16. Sustenance grain creation in the state in 2015-16 remained at 46,547.9 thousand tons. Significant nourishment grains created in the state incorporate rice, wheat, maize, millet (bajra), gram, pea and lentils. With general vegetable generation of 26.12 million tons in 2015-16, the territory of Uttar Pradesh was the second biggest maker of vegetables in India, after West Bengal.


Uttar Pradesh comprises of 75 administrative districts, which are further divided into sub-divisions. The government and administration in Uttar Pradesh is controlled on the same paths as in other states of the country. The Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha). The Vidhan Sabha consists of 404 members. Uttar Pradesh has 80 seats in the Lok Sabha - the lower house of Parliament and 31 seats in Rajya Sabha - the upper house of Parliament. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly is elected by universal adult suffrage for a period of five years. The Chief Minister is the head of government and is vested with most of the executive powers. The Chief Minister is assisted by a Council of Ministers that he nominates, the size of which is restricted.

Judiciary in Uttar Pradesh is headed by Chief Justice as in other states of the country and Uttar Pradesh High Court is the head of the judiciary system in Uttar Pradesh. High Court of Uttar Pradesh was established at Allahabad on 1869.


Uttar Pradesh, the name that invokes to excellence, heavenliness, strength, magnificence and numerous more offers a portion of the best visits to the guests. The state alluded to be in the cow or the Hindi talking belt in the India has dependably been the leader in numerous developments of the nation and has assumed a predominant part in Indian governmental issues, culture and the autonomy development. The state which is sustained by the affection for stream Ganges offers burdens to the guests from everywhere throughout the world. Visit to Uttar Pradesh is a crucial piece of the India visit as the explorers get a reasonable knowledge into the social ramifications of the way of life of India and its different societies.

Uttar Pradesh visit offers bunch chances to investigate the different shades of life and societies. The different urban areas of the state reflect distinctive pictures of life and way of life in Uttar Pradesh that makes the express a vivid and intriguing suggestion for the explorers.